Milan San Remo

The Milan-San Remo (Milano-Sanremo) annual cycle race is the longest professional one-day race in modern cycling at a distance of 298 km (185.2 miles).

Also known as the Spring Classic (La Classicissima), the Milan to San Remo race was due to run Saturday 21st March 2020, but was cancelled as Italy closed sporting events due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Milan San Remo cycling race is always the first classic race of the season, usually on the third Saturday of March in modern times.

The course starts in Milan in Northern Italy, up the Passo del Turchino, and descends to the seaside resort of San Remo on the Italian Riveria Ligurian Coast. The slow 6-hour race finishes in a famous dramatic down-hill conclusion, and with its flat course is considered a favourite of Sprinters (if not beaten by the Cipressa and Poggio).

The competition has been won 7 times by Eddy Merckx (Belgium), widely considered the most successful rider in the history of competitive cycling.

The Milan-San Remo 2020 was run in August 2020 and was won by Wout van Aert, the first Belgian to win the race since 1999.

The 2021 Milan – San Remo was run Saturday 20th March, again to be the curtain-raiser for the Italian road race season. It was won by Jasper Stuyven of Belgium with a time of 6:38:06.

Brief Results
Pos.Rider Name (Country)Result
1Jasper Stuyven (Bel)6:38:06
2Caleb Ewan (Aus)
3Wout Van Aert (Bel)
4Peter Sagan (Svk)
5Mathieu van der Poel (Ned)
6Michael Matthews (Aus)
7Alex Aranburu Deba (Spa)
8Sonny Colbrelli (Ita)
9Søren Kragh Andersen (Den)
10Anthony Turgis (Fra)

San Remo

The history of the Milan to San Remo

The first race was held in 1906 in two parts on 2nd April (Milan–Acqui Terme) and 3rd April (Acqui Terme–Sanremo). The first one-day event was held on 14th April 1907 and started at 5am in cold weather. Only 14 of the 33 riders finished, despite attracting some of the best riders in Europe.

In 1910 due to extreme weather conditions, only 4 of the 63 riders passed the finish line. The winning time of 12 hours and 24 minutes remains the longest, but the race entered cycling folklore.

From 1917 to 1928 the great Italian rider Costante Girardengo won six races, with another 5 podium finishes. The 11 total is a record.

From 1935 to 1953 the Milan-San Remo was run every year on 19th March, on the feast of patron Saint Joseph. The press named it la Gara di San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph’s Race) and the Milan-San Remo was also coined La Classicissima.

In 1997, there was a crash at the finish line involving Laurent Jalabert, Johan Museeuw and Maximilian Sciandri.

The Milan-San Remo route

The race starts on the Piazza del Duomo in Milan and heads to the southwest. Heading by the cities of Pavia, Voghera, Tortona, Novi Ligure and Ovada to the Liguria coast. After 140km the race hits the first and steepest climb of the day with the Passo del Turchino.

After the descent, the race reaches the Ligurian Sea in Voltri at the halfway point and continues with its spectacular coastal scenery.

In San Lorenzo al Mare the course hits the second climb with the Cipressa, 22 km from the finish.

The final and most famous climb is the Poggio di Sanremo, a suburb of San Remo.

The final 5.4km finish from the peak is a fast descent towards the Via Roma in the centre of Sanremo.

Amateurs can race the route on the 6th June 2021 by registering here.

milan san remo routeWhat is the fastest winning time in the Milan San Remo bike

In 1990 Italian Gianni Bugno set a race record of 6h 25 m 06 seconds averaging 45.8 kmh (28.45 mph), the fastest winning time recorded for the Milan San Remo.

As of 2021, 12 nationalities have won the race with riders from Australia,  Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

Which Professional Cycle Riders have won the Milan San Remo most times?

 Eddy Merckx (BEL)1966, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1976
 Costante Girardengo (ITA)1918, 1921, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1928
 Gino Bartali (ITA)1939, 1940, 1947, 1950
 Erik Zabel (GER)1997, 1998, 2000, 2001
 Fausto Coppi (ITA)1946, 1948, 1949
 Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL)1973, 1978, 1979
 Óscar Freire (ESP)2004, 2007, 2010
 Gaetano Belloni (ITA)1917, 1920
 Alfredo Binda (ITA)1929, 1931
 Giuseppe Olmo (ITA)1935, 1938
 Loretto Petrucci (ITA)1952, 1953
 Miguel Poblet (ESP)1957, 1959
 Laurent Fignon (FRA)1988, 1989
 Seán Kelly (IRL)1986, 1992


How many different nationalities have won the Milan-San Remo cycle race?
As of 2020, 12 nationalities have won the race with riders from Australia,  Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and Switzerland
What is the fastest winning time in the Milan to San Remo bike race?
In 1990 Italian Gianni Bugno set a race record of 6h 25 m 06 seconds averaging 45.8 kmh (28.45 mph).

Full list of Milan-San Remo winners

190723px Flag of France.svg FranceLucien Petit-BretonPeugeot–Wolber
190823px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumCyrille van HauwaertAlcyon–Dunlop
190923px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyLuigi GannaAtala–Dunlop
191023px Flag of France.svg FranceEugène ChristopheAlcyon–Dunlop
191123px Flag of France.svg FranceGustave GarrigouAlcyon–Dunlop
191223px Flag of France.svg FranceHenri PélissierAlcyon–Dunlop
191323px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumOdile DefrayeAlcyon–Soly
191423px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyUgo AgostoniBianchi–Dei
191523px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyEzio CorlaitaDei
1916No race due to World War I
191723px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGaetano BelloniBianchi
191823px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCostante GirardengoBianchi
191923px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyAngelo GremoStucchi–Dunlop
192023px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGaetano BelloniBianchi
192123px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCostante GirardengoStucchi–Pirelli
192223px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGiovanni BruneroLegnano–Pirelli
192323px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCostante GirardengoMaino
192423px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyPietro LinariLegnano–Pirelli
192523px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCostante GirardengoWolsit–Pirelli
192623px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCostante GirardengoWolsit–Pirelli
192723px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyPietro ChesiIves-Pirelli
192823px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCostante GirardengoMaino–Dunlop
192923px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyAlfredo BindaLegnano–Torpedo
193023px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyMichele MaraBianchi
193123px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyAlfredo BindaLegnano–Hutchinson
193223px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyAlfredo BovetBianchi
193323px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyLearco GuerraMaino–Clément
193423px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumJef DemuysereGenial Lucifer–Hutchinson
193523px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGiuseppe OlmoBianchi
193623px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyAngelo VarettoGloria
193723px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCesare Del CanciaGanna
193823px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGiuseppe OlmoBianchi
193923px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGino BartaliLegnano
194023px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyGino BartaliLegnano
194123px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyPierino FavalliLegnano
194223px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyAdolfo LeoniBianchi
194323px Flag of Italy %281861%E2%80%931946%29.svg ItalyCino CinelliBianchi
1944No race due to World War II
1945No race due to World War II
194623px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFausto CoppiBianchi
194723px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyGino BartaliLegnano–Pirelli
194823px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFausto CoppiBianchi
194923px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFausto CoppiBianchi–Ursus
195023px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyGino BartaliBartali–Gardiol
195123px Flag of France.svg FranceLouison BobetStella
195223px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyLoretto PetrucciBianchi–Pirelli
195323px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyLoretto PetrucciBianchi–Pirelli
195423px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumRik Van SteenbergenMercier–BP–Hutchinson
195523px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumGermain DerijckeAlcyon–Dunlop
195623px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumFred De BruyneMercier–BP–Hutchinson
195723px Flag of Spain %281945%E2%80%931977%29.svg SpainMiguel PobletIgnis–Doniselli
195823px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumRik Van LooyFaema–Guerra
195923px Flag of Spain %281945%E2%80%931977%29.svg SpainMiguel PobletIgnis–Frejus
196023px Flag of France.svg FranceRené PrivatMercier–BP–Hutchinson
196123px Flag of France.svg FranceRaymond PoulidorMercier–BP–Hutchinson
196223px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEmile DaemsPhilco
196323px Flag of France.svg FranceJoseph GroussardPelforth–Sauvage–Lejeune
196423px Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great BritainTom SimpsonPeugeot–BP–Englebert
196523px Flag of the Netherlands.svg NetherlandsArie den HartogFord France–Gitane
196623px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxPeugeot–Dunlop
196723px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxPeugeot–BP–Michelin
196823px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyRudi AltigSalvarani
196923px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxFaema
197023px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyMichele DancelliMolteni
197123px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxMolteni
197223px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxMolteni
197323px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumRoger De VlaeminckBrooklyn
197423px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFelice GimondiBianchi–Campagnolo
197523px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxMolteni–RYC
197623px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumEddy MerckxMolteni–Campagnolo
197723px Flag of the Netherlands.svg NetherlandsJan RaasFrisol–Thirion–Gazelle
197823px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumRoger De VlaeminckSanson–Campagnolo
197923px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumRoger De VlaeminckGis Gelati
198023px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyPierino GavazziMagniflex–Olmo
198123px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumAlfons De WolfVermeer Thijs
198223px Flag of France.svg FranceMarc GomezWolber–Spidel
198323px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyGiuseppe SaronniDel Tongo–Colnago
198423px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFrancesco MoserGis Gelati–Tuc Lu
198523px Flag of the Netherlands.svg NetherlandsHennie KuiperVerandalux–Dries
198623px Flag of Ireland.svg IrelandSean KellyKas
198716px Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandErich MaechlerCarrera Jeans–Vagabond
198823px Flag of France.svg FranceLaurent FignonSystème U–Gitane
198923px Flag of France.svg FranceLaurent FignonSuper U–Raleigh–Fiat
199023px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyGianni BugnoChateau d’Ax–Salotti
199123px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyClaudio ChiappucciCarrera Jeans–Tassoni
199223px Flag of Ireland.svg IrelandSean KellyLotus–Festina
199323px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyMaurizio FondriestLampre–Polti
199423px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyGiorgio FurlanGewiss–Ballan
199523px Flag of France.svg FranceLaurent JalabertONCE
199623px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyGabriele ColomboGewiss Playbus
199723px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyErik ZabelTeam Telekom
199823px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyErik ZabelTeam Telekom
199923px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumAndrei TchmilLotto–Mobistar
200023px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyErik ZabelTeam Telekom
200123px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyErik ZabelTeam Telekom
200223px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyMario CipolliniAcqua e Sapone–Cantina Tollo
200323px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyPaolo BettiniQuick-Step–Davitamon
200423px Flag of Spain.svg SpainÓscar FreireRabobank
200523px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyAlessandro PetacchiFassa Bortolo
200623px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFilippo PozzatoQuick-Step–Innergetic
200723px Flag of Spain.svg SpainÓscar FreireRabobank
200816px Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandFabian CancellaraTeam CSC
200923px Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great BritainMark CavendishTeam Columbia–High Road
201023px Flag of Spain.svg SpainÓscar FreireRabobank
201123px Flag of Australia %28converted%29.svg AustraliaMatthew GossHTC–Highroad
201223px Flag of Australia %28converted%29.svg AustraliaSimon GerransGreenEDGE
201323px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyGerald CiolekMTN–Qhubeka
201421px Flag of Norway.svg NorwayAlexander KristoffTeam Katusha
201523px Flag of Germany.svg GermanyJohn DegenkolbTeam Giant–Alpecin
201623px Flag of France.svg FranceArnaud DémareFDJ
201723px Flag of Poland.svg PolandMichał KwiatkowskiTeam Sky
201823px Flag of Italy.svg ItalyVincenzo NibaliBahrain–Merida
201923px Flag of France.svg FranceJulian AlaphilippeDeceuninck–Quick-Step
202023px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumWout Van AertTeam Jumbo–Visma
202123px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg BelgiumJasper StuyvenTrek–Segafredo